The aim of the workshop was to gather some interdisciplinary researchers interested in both theoretical and experimental aspects of statistical laws of human language and similar digital systems (music, DNA, computer programs, animal communication). We intended to foster stronger connections between empirical computational studies and theoretical mathematical models. In particular, we intended to raise mutual awareness of investigations in these fields done by scholars of various sciences. We invited researchers having different backgrounds but, to maintain a common perspective, we assumed that all talks would have some computational or mathematical content.

The talks at the workshop were by invitation. The following topics were proposed:

  • Empirical computational investigations of statistical laws of language (e.g. laws concerning the distribution of words, entropy, recurrence times).
  • Probabilistic and information-theoretic explanations of statistical laws of language, including mathematical connections among different laws.
  • Stochastic models of text generation that recover some statistical laws of language.
  • Meaningful comparison of statistical laws for various language-like systems such as human language, music, DNA, computer programs, and animal communication.

The talks were planned as short lectures. They were scheduled to last 45 minutes plus discussion. The attendance was open. Students and young researchers were welcome.


Invited speakers

Program committee

Local organizing committee


The workshop already took place. If you would like to participate in similar events in the future, please write to Łukasz Dębowski.


Please feel free to dowload the following files:

The videos of the talks are available on this YouTube playlist.

Local information


The workshop took place in IPI PAN, i.e.,

Institute of Computer Science,
Polish Academy of Sciences,
ul. Jana Kazimierza 5,
01-248 Warsaw, Poland.

tel. (+48) 22-380-05-00
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